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Some Great Ideas for your Home

At Pink Plumbers we have the opportunity to work with a whole range of products that are available on the market. We get to see how easy these products are to install, how they perform, how easy they are to maintain, and how good they look in our customers homes.

We know it's too easy to be overwhelmed with all the options available on the market, so we have taken the opportunity to list for you a few of our favourites.

At the end of the day the choice is yours, and we can work with any product, but we hope you might find this useful in making your choice.
Some things to be aware of

From our experience, there are a few things that as a purchaser, you should be aware of when buying certain products.

When buying taps and shower valves, it's important that they can be maintained. This means you have to be able to take them apart and spares can be bought for them. No matter what the cost, or saving, if your taps or showers can't be taken apart and maintained it will cost you more money in the long run when they start dripping, or leaking, especially if your shower is installed in the wall - you could be looking at re-tiling part or all of the bathroom on top of the cost of replacing the shower, as opposed to the cost of a new cartridge.

Taps and showers bought at plumbing merchants such as Plumb Centre, PTS, Grant & Stone are always maintainable, and vary in affordability across the different brands and models. Your local Pink Plumber will usually carry catalogues to help you choose your taps or showers and can supply and fit them. If, however, you wish to purchase them yourself, we recommend you visit your local plumbing merchant.

Always keep the paperwork that comes with them so you know the make and model.

Some reputable makes

Samual Heath
Ideal Standard

Aqualisa Digital Showers click here

Everyone dreams of experiencing the perfect shower! We can all remember that time when we had THE BEST SHOWER whether on a holiday or at the SPA. Getting the same experience in our homes is often hard to come by.

Pink Plumbers understands how important those moments are in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

We believe that Aqualisa manufacture the best showers, and their digital shower range stands out above the rest.

You will step out of the shower, refreshed and rejuvenated after your Aqualisa Digital Showering experience.

With it's Flashing light up control letting you know when its ready, you can enjoy constant temperature throughout from the second you step in until the second you step out, all at the touch of a button! And now with the new Harmony shower head you can set the flow to just how you want it with four spray settings including an eco setting for reduced water usage.

The Digital showers include a pump for low pressure systems, and can also be used on high pressure systems. Aqualisa pride themselves on their flow rates so you will always get a top quality shower with any Aqualisa product.

The ECO setting on the Digital controller allows you to benefit from a fantastic shower with a slightly reduced flow rate, meaning you use less water, so you can do your bit for the environment and save money.

For those of you looking for a new shower over a bath, without disturbing the tiles, the Aqualisa Exposed Digital range could be your answer.

Installation time is also reduced thus costing you less. Please call your local Pink Plumber for advice and a quotation.

Uponor MLPC Plumbing Systems click here

The cost of copper is still rising and traditional installations are messy and time consuming costing you, the customer, more money in the long run.

If it's time to upgrade your system, are building an extension, or are having a new bathroom installed, now is the time to discover what your options are.

The Pipe: MLC pipe is as flexible as plastic, but much more durable and has some of the same qualities as copper, due to multiple layers of plastic and aluminium, meaning you can bend it straight and it will stay there! This makes it much quicker and easier to work with and extremely tidy, plus you end up with fewer joints under the floor, therefore fewer potential leaks.

The Manifolds: If you want peace of mind knowing that nothing can leak under the floorboards and want to make turning off the water to every hot and cold outlet in your bathroom / house, as easy as possible, then manifold plumbing is the answer. You have a manifold / hub in a cupboard and one pipe going from there to the tap, one pipe going to the loo, one to the bath hot tap, one to the cold, etc, with not joints under the floor to leak. On the manifold you have controls to turn off each pipe independently, meaning in an emergency there is only one place to go, it's easily accessible and you can isolate the problem without having to turn off the water to the rest of the house. Uponor supply fittings to convert copper to MLC so you can tap into your existing system and use the manifold system just for the bathroom should you so wish.

Non-Manifold: If manifold plumbing isn't right for your needs, rest assured that the unique Press fittings are 99.9% reliable and together with the MLC pipe, they can be used in the traditional way giving you peace of mind, no mess and a much quicker installation!


Uponor MLCP Underfloor Heating Systems click here

The Pipe: MLC has the qualities of plastic in that it is flexible, but doesn't ‘spring' back like plastic, making it very easy to use and lay for underfloor heating. This makes it quicker than most other systems. It also has similar qualities to copper due to its multiple layers of Aluminium, thus expanding and contracting less than plastic.

The Manifolds: The Uponor Underfloor Heating Compact manifold is easy to install and has all the necessary parts already put together, making your underfloor heating installation quicker and simpler.

If you are installing a new heating system in your house, and you want underfloor heating and radiators, then this is the time to find out what your options are.

To benefit from consistent, even temperatures throughout your house, where the heating controls manage it for you, and you can program each room independently, Uponor's compact underfloor heating manifold can be used in conjunction with their standard radiator manifold and wireless programmable room thermostats and controls, so that the whole house's heating system can be balanced automatically by the controls. Plus each radiator pipe goes directly from the radiator valve to the manifold with no joints under the floor giving you total peace of mind.

For more info call your local Pink Plumber and find out if they specialise in installing Uponor's Systems.


Millside Magnetic Fuel and Water Conditioners click here

Water Conditioners:

Why magnets? Benefit from the luxury of treated water without the expense of installing a water softener, the inconvenience of it's location, the maintenance costs and the time taken to install it. These specially designed magnets are installed onto the pipework and fitted around the system to treat the WHOLE house / building, whatever plumbing system you have, except where lead pipework is in the house. There is no cutting into the pipes so installation is clean and tidy and can usually be completed within 30 mins!

What happens to the limescale? Existing limescale is broken down into powder and flushes out through the pipes, cleaning the pipework, the cold water storage cistern and the cylinder, saving you money on heating the water without having to heat up all the limescale as well. With the magnets treating the whole system you can benefit from limescale free shower heads, taps, washing machine, dishwasher, etc, again saving you money on expensive chemicals.

Can I drink it? You gain health benefits from drinking magnetized water and plants and animals love it! You can even put them on the filter tap so you benefit from filtered and magnetised water.

What if I move house? Due to the fact they just strap on they can be moved easily, so if you move you take them with you. This does not affect the guarantees.

Fuel Treatment:

Heating: Millside's magnets can save you between 5-20% off the fuel bill and can be used to treat fuel going into the boiler, whether its natural gas, LPG or oil. Other benefits are reduced emissions, more heat from same amount of fuel and less build up of soot in the appliance. The magnets are fitted to the gas / oil pipe just before the appliance, whether it's the boiler, the cooker or the gas fire. Each pair of magnets will treat up to 20KW heat output from the appliance, so it may be necessary to fit more than 1 set.

Engines:They can also be applied to engines to save fuel, reduce emissions, and/or gain more power.

At Pink Plumbers we specialise in the application for domestic water treatment and domestic gas / oil boilers / cookers / gas fires. For more information about Millsides' Magnetic conditioners please call your local Pink Plumber to arrange an appointment for a free survey

Guarantees: The magnetic properties are guaranteed for 10 years and come with a 90 day 100% money back performance guarantee giving you, the customer, peace of mind and the time to experience the difference for yourself.

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